On your knees slave,

thatīs the right place for a little dude like you. Iīm just 18 years old but I already know how to handle men. You are here because you like dominant women and you like to serve them. Perhaps youīre also a foot pervert and love the feet of women, bare or hosed.

In any case, here is the right place for you! I really like to treat men like dogs and let them scream for mercy. For every man it should be a great honor to kiss and smell my feet. But for those who donīt live in Germany thatīs only a dream. But if you want to serve me as onlineslave or moneypig, today is the luckiest day in your life. I will control all your activities, when you go to sleep, what you are going to eat- everything. And if you donīt do everything like you should, Iīll make you scream with pain. But what I really like to do is to make you do real shameful things for me.

So if you are slave enough to serve me, send me your application. But be aware your live will never be the same!

send it to: Lady-Anna@gmx.de

Here some pics of mine:


and also from my beautiful feet:

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